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Don’t you want your fictional pirate ship to have an iconic name like Black Pearl or Flying Dutchman? If so, then you’re going to love our generator. This AI-powered app will help you make a creative name for your ship.

Our generator is very easy to use:

  1. Press “Generate Pirate Ship Name”
  2. Find a ship name that you like.
  3. If you don’t like the results, keep pressing “Generate” until you find a perfect name.

✨ Why Choose Pirate Boat Name Generator?

Our generator is truly a cutting-edge piece of technology. Here’s what distinguishes it from other apps:

💸 FreeThere are no hidden costs or fees.
🤩 UnlimitedWhether you need one or several names, our tool allows you to create as many as you require.
💫 UniqueAI algorithms combine different elements to generate distinctive names that have significance.
🎨 CreativeThe generator presents unexpected combinations of words and sounds, sparking your imagination and leading to new ideas.
⏳ Time-savingInstead of spending hours racking your brain for the perfect pirate boat name, you can quickly generate it with one click of a button.
👍 User-friendlyPeople of all technical backgrounds can use the tool effortlessly.

⚓ What Is a Pirate Ship?

A ship with crew members involved in criminal affairs is called a pirate ship. A pirate vessel could be anything from a raft or canoe to a massive frigate.

Since no one would build ships specifically for pirates, they had to find another way of getting a vessel. Usually, they just captured other people’s ships. Pirates often served as crew members on merchant or naval fleets. There they overthrew their leaders through mutiny, seizing merchant vessels along with everything valuable on board. George Lowther and Henry Avery were well-known pirate captains famous for accomplishing this move.

Types of Pirate Ships

  1. Sloops

Sloops were the most well-known ship type used by pirates. It was a typical Caribbean ship that was too small for merchants yet perfect for pirates. In the 16th and 17th centuries, when piracy peaked, sloops could be seen everywhere around the world. They were small and could be easily converted into pirate ships thanks to the simplicity of their construction.

  • Brigantines

A brigantine is a boat with a short draft that has the capacity to transport more than 100 men. Because of its fantastic speed and maneuverability, the pirates practically adored brigantines. Since they were equipped with more cannons and a more extensive hold, brigantines were perfect for combat engagements.

  • Schooners

This is another favorite of pirates. Like sloops, schooners were quick and maneuverable. In addition, they could transport numerous cannons and weapons. Its only drawback was that it couldn’t hold much crew and booty because of the shallow hull.

  • Galleons

These ships were rare among pirates, mainly because they were heavily armed and hard to capture. Besides, they were slow and not very maneuverable. But galleons also had their advantages: in particular, they were big and could carry up to 200 people and around 70 cannons. The most famous galleon is the fictional ship Jolly Roger sailed by Captain Hook.

How Pirates Named Their Ships

Historically, pirate ship names weren’t as creative as in books or movies. Pirates gave their ships names to state who they were and what they wanted.

Almost one-fifth of all pirate ships were named Revenge because many pirates tried to imitate Blackbeard and his iconic Queen Anne’s Revenge. Ranger was the second most popular pirate ship name. It was meant to give enemies the impression that this ship could move quickly and was able to defend itself. Other popular names for pirate ships included Defiance, Rover, and various combinations of the word “fortune,” such as Happy Fortune and Royal Fortune.

Famous Pirates and Their Ships

  • The most iconic and famous pirate ship of all time, Queen Anne’s Revenge, belonged to Edward Teach (aka Blackbeard.) It was one of the most heavily-armed boats of the period and could compete head-to-head with any British or French vessel.
  • The second most feared and successful pirate after Blackbeard was Bartholomew Robert—the pirate captain of the Royal Fortune. He was famous for capturing and sinking over 400 merchant ships.
  • Another legendary pirate and a close friend of Blackbeard was Stede Bonnet, also known as the Gentleman Pirate. He was the captain of Revenge, which was later renamed Royal James. Bonnet was born into a wealthy family but later joined pirates because he was unsatisfied and bored with the royal lifestyle.

✅ Examples of Using Our Pirate Ship Name Generator

If you want your pirate ship to have a more original name than those of the real historical vessels, you should definitely check out our free generator. It can help you in many ways:

✔️If you’re writing a book or a story about pirates and have trouble thinking of a perfect name for the ship, use our generator.
✔️If you play video games about pirates, like Sea of Thieves, you can turn to our tool to create cool ship names and freely use them online.
✔️If you’re role-playing with your friends, you can use our app to find unique ship names and impress your friends with your creativity.
✔️The phrases made by our generator can also be used for naming other things or even music bands!

Cool Pirate Ship Name Ideas

Our tool is an excellent piece of technology. Want proof? Here’s a list of ship names made by our app to give you a taste of what it’s capable of!

  • The Blind Pillager
  • The Mermaid’s Lightning
  • The Elusive Demon
  • The White Pearl
  • The Horrid Trinity
  • The Howling Hangman
  • The Pride of the Buccaneers.

🔥 How to Choose the Best Pirate Ship Name: Practical Tips

If you want your ship’s name to sound badass, funny, or scary, follow the quick guide below:

  1. Make sure the name you’ve chosen is easy to pronounce so that everyone on board can say it.
  2. Take the unique features of your vessel into consideration. For instance, if it was designed for an armed encounter, you can call it The Flaming Cannon.
  3. Avoid using lengthy and gaudy names like the Mystic Eye of the Old Pirate King.
  4. Don’t give your virtual ship a name that honors a relative or friend. It will be humiliating if another party takes the boat, and you have to pay a ransom to get it back.
  5. Avoid using profanity, racial epithets, or insults at all costs.

Now you’re fully prepared to make the best pirate ship name of all time. Feel free to use our free generator to do it easier and quicker. We wish fair winds and following seas to you!

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❓ Pirate Boat Name Generator FAQ

How do you come up with a ship name?

You can either come up with a ship name yourself or use a name generator. Take into consideration the pirate’s traditions in ship naming. Then, think of a phrase that can emphasize the special features of your ship and your personal qualities and goals.

What is a good ship name?

Here’re some excellent ship names: The Bloody Tide, The Hell-born Grail, The Blasted Storm, The Poisonous Shark, The Corrupted Lust, The Angry Dragon, The Evil Fortune, The Crimson Scream, The Fall of the Sun, The Greed of the Killer, The Mermaid’s Secret, The Swashbuckler.

Why do pirates name their ships?

The majority of pirates wanted to dread the merchant fleets with their scary ship names and flags. They tried to name their ships in a way that emphasized their reputation and habits. It’s basically the old way of creating a brand.

Can I generate a pirate ship name for a story or game?

You can freely use any names made by our generator in video games, books, movies, etc. The names made by it don’t have any copyright claims. If you wish to use a phrase made by our generator in branding, check if this name hasn’t been taken by someone else.