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Are you tired of using the same boring names for your fictional characters? If so, then our DnD name generator is just what you need! It can make a unique and colorful name for a fictional character of any race and gender. Our tool is so advanced that it can be used not only for DnD but for other universes as well.

Here’s how to use our tool:

  1. Choose your character’s race.
  2. Choose the character’s preferred gender.
  3. Choose your character’s class.

Press “Generate DnD Name”

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Our app has many advantages that make it stand out!

💸 FreeYou can use our generator 100% free of charge.
♾️ UnlimitedIt can create countless names for both male and female characters.
🤩 UniversalOur tool can help you find a lore-friendly name for a character of any race and class.
🎨 CreativeIt can significantly boost your creativity regarding fancy names.
👍 ConvenientOur app has a user-friendly interface.
🌐 Readily-availableYou don’t have to register an account to use it.

🐲 Dungeons and Dragons Game 101

Dungeons and Dragons, a.k.a. DnD, is a role-playing board game created in 1974. Initially, it was an add-on to another tabletop game called Chainmail, but then it gained a cult following and became a staple of 1980s pop culture.

DnD takes place in medieval fantasy settings. It requires a group of players and a so-called dungeon master to host a game:

  • A dungeon master is a person that is responsible for creating quests and obstacles for the players to overcome.
  • Players interact with the world, resolve conflicts, participate in battles, and receive rewards. They gather in gangs, a.k.a. parties (usually 4 or 6 people) which include characters of all races and genders.

DnD Races

In the DnD world, there’s a massive variety of different races. Each has a unique appearance, culture, and abilities. The main races include:

  • Humans

It’s the most ordinary race. Humans can be found everywhere in the DnD world. They’re the most adaptable and universal of all races.

  • Elves

Elves are refined and arrogant beyond measure. They’re known to be good magicians and skilled rangers. In the DnD world, elves live up to 150 years.

  • Dwarfs

Everybody knows dwarfs. They’re short, bearded, and fierce. In the DnD universe, dwarfs are skilled craftsmen who live under the mountain. They hate elves and like gold.

  • Gnomes

Gnomes are essentially a mix between dwarfs and elves. They’re short like dwarfs but skinny and don’t have bushy beards. They tend to live in forested areas.

  • Halflings

These are even smaller than dwarfs. Halflings like to sing and eat. They usually become skilled thieves and bards. Hobbits from Lord of the Rings are very similar to DnD’s Halflings.

  • Dragonborn

A lizardfolk born by dragons, as their name suggests. They’re pretty arrogant and often lust for power. Dragonborn value the honor of their clan above everything else.

  • Orcs

Strong and enduring, orcs are brilliant fighters and guards. They’re very muscular and scary-looking. Other races, like elves and humans, typically discriminate against orcs.

These are the most popular races, but the world of DnD has many more to offer. There are tieflings, half-elves, half-orcs, demon folk, anthropomorphic animals, and so on.

DnD Classes

After a player has chosen a race, they must pick a class. The class is basically a character’s career.

Each race has its unique strengths and weaknesses. For example, Halflings are bad fighters but good thieves. It doesn’t mean that you’re limited with your choice. You can still make a Halfling barbarian or an orc bard. The possibilities are limitless!

Here’re the most common classes of the DnD world divided by their most required attributes:

🏋️ Strength and dexterity:

FighterIt’s a warrior dressed in heavy armor. Fighters can deal severe damage, but they’re bad at hiding and casting spells.
BarbarianThis class is all about raw, primal rage. Barbarians don’t usually wear much armor. Instead, they focus on dealing the most damage.
PaladinsThese are the warriors who can cast various blessings. They can ask their gods for a favor to become more powerful in war.

🧙‍♂️ Wisdom and intelligence:

WizardWizards can cast powerful spells but are practically defenseless once they run out of magic.
ClericClerics are similar to wizards, except they can actually fight and withstand stronger blows. However, their spell knowledge is more limited and dependent on their religion.
DruidDruids are one with nature. They can command animals and flora through magic.

🧝 Charisma and perception:

RogueRogues are good at hiding and striking from the shadows. They’re usually good archers and thieves.
BardBards use the power of their voices to buff their teammates. Their charisma allows them to negotiate and bargain easily.
RangerRangers are skilled archers and hunters. They can find food and survive in the wildest regions. The bow is a ranger’s weapon of choice.

⚔️ Creating Your DnD Character Step by Step

Now that you know about different races and classes, it’s time to make an actual character that will represent your persona in the DnD world. We’ve prepared a handy step-by-step instruction that will assist you.

  1. Choose a race. Read about each race and pick the one that fits you most. Also, mind the unique traits of the chosen race—you’ll need them for the next step.
  2. Select a class. It’s great when the race of your character complements the chosen class. For example, you’ll be a much stronger magician if you select an elf. Also, be sure that your party is diverse and has different classes. Your gang won’t do much if you’re all barbarians or healers.
  3. Fill in your character’s sheet. This is the most important stage. Be sure to choose your character’s skills and abilities wisely.
  4. Choose equipment. If your dungeon master allows you to get starting equipment, be sure to take some. You don’t want to spawn in a dungeon full of monsters without any armor or weapons.
  5. Catch your DnD group. So, your character is created, and you’re ready to play. Now you need to “appear” in the world and meet your teammates.

To ensure that during your party’s first meeting, everyone appreciates your character, we recommend you pick a creative name. Our name generator is just what you need to do the trick!

🧌 DnD Character Names for Different Races

So, what about the names in Dungeons and Dragons? Unfortunately, our familiar names aren’t lore-friendly and won’t suffice for the game’s characters. Besides, each race has a particular naming tradition. Let’s review them and see what makes them stand out:

RaceNaming traditionExamples
HumansFantasy humans have common names, except they’re more medieval-sounding than ours.Preston Rodmond, Albertina Riverrider
DwarfsDwarfs traditionally use old-style Nordic and Germanic names with a lot of voiceless consonants in them.Thormund Starkhorn, Brunhild Malbrenn
ElvesThis arrogant race uses the most unpronounceable and gaudy names.Uriric Wolarrorrie, Magphine Amberdreamer
OrcsOrcs aren’t famous for their creativity and high intellect, so they mainly prefer short and gruff names. Also, they don’t have surnames—they use nicknames instead.Gok the Mighty, Rone the Red Hands
Halflings and GnomesThese two races are similar in their naming traditions. Both use British and Irish names.Arnold Nimblefoot, Julia Lunarblossom
DragonbornThis race has a lot of hissing consonants in their namesAlxesh Narash, Kreshkel Lilorish

🔥 Examples of DnD Character Name Generator Use

The app that we’ve created is truly a great tool. Not only can it make a name for your DnD character, but it has more creative uses. Here are some of them:

  1. You can use the content made by our generator to name other DnD objects: ships, boats, cities, countries, weapons, shops, general stores, etc.
  2. You may use names made by our generator if you’re writing a book or a story.
  3. Our app is excellent for making thematic names for parties or various DnD-themed events.

Here’re some random examples of names made by our generator to give you a taste of what it’s capable of:

  • Gulkom Mightshaper
  • Dearryn Bloodstrike
  • Grefiel Rathrossira
  • Loralee Poplarfond
  • Rieni Softstep
  • Kithree Nightsong

Being creative has never been easier! Get many more unique fantasy names with the help of our generator. Use it to your benefit, and have fun!

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❓ Dungeons and Dragons Name Generator FAQ

How do you come up with a good DnD character name?

To come up with a good DnD character name, we recommend you to read some lore of this universe. Pay attention to the various naming techniques that each race has. You can also use our generator and get original names.

What are evil names in Dungeons and Dragons?

Here’re some ideas for evil DnD fantasy names: Mace Hallewell, Vexacion Highmore, Tidus Riddle, Grendel Barkridge, Moon Frost, Mace Crimson, Echo Shackleton, Carmine Mortem, Zephyr Drach, Norrix Interfector, Ecthrois Shade, Arc Hunt, Ash White, Brink Crane, Clementia Umbra.

What are good names for DnD?

Here’re some good name ideas for different DnD races:

  • Dwards: Belron Starkhorn, Darkom Bronzemantle, Raenri Domnart.
  • Elves: Elcan Aldercrown, Qicyne Shadowwatcher, Lialeth Moonhold.
  • Halflings: Ereon Fastbrace, Rosla Rosebrush.

What's a good fantasy name?

A good fantasy name sounds cool and is easy to pronounce. It’s not too long or too short. In addition, it must be lore-friendly, so that it sounds good for a representative of a certain race. Also, a good fantasy name is one that your teammates will like.