Yes or No Wheel

Spin the wheel and get an Yes or No answer to your question in a click. Yes or No spinner wheel gives you a truly random decision.

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How random is Yes No wheel spinner?

The wheel decide is 100% random using the JavaScript Math.random method.

What is the probability on Yes and No?

The change that "Yes" is chosen in 50.021%, "No" in 49.979%, according to our statistics.

Do you have a Yes No picker app?

We don't have a random answer generator app, but our website 100% optimized for mobile devices.


Is it a real random yes no wheel? I made 10 attempts and 7 times the answer was Yes :-)

I never understood why people trust their choice to the spinner

This Yes or NO wheel is a really easy way to make a random decision. Thanks for this

Why did you do this Yes No wheel? There are already many similar websites on the Internet.

Thanks guys for your spinner, now i know how to solve my dilemmas.

Your spinning wheel helped me out a few times. I hope in the future it will not let me down.

I tried to spin the wheel 20 times, as a result Yes No dropped the same number of times. Is your spinner random?.

YES NO YES NO YES NO YES NO... WTF Сan you add an answer MAYBE?

I completely agree. This is the ultimate decision maker.

When a decision needs to be made quickly, this online oracle is the best choice.

Perhaps this is more convenient than flip a coin.

This yes/no roulette is more accurate than a fortune teller and reading tarot cards