Yes or No Wheel

Spin the wheel and get an answer to your question in a click. Yes or No spinner wheel gives you a truly random decision.

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Is it a real random yes no wheel? I made 10 attempts and 7 times the answer was Yes :-)

I never understood why people trust their choice to the spinner

This Yes or NO wheel is a really easy way to make a random decision. Thanks for this

Why did you do this Yes No wheel? There are already many similar websites on the Internet.

Thanks guys for your spinner, now i know how to solve my dilemmas.

Your spinning wheel helped me out a few times. I hope in the future it will not let me down.

I tried to spin the wheel 20 times, as a result Yes No dropped the same number of times. Is your spinner random?.

YES NO YES NO YES NO YES NO... WTF Π‘an you add an answer MAYBE?

Need more wheels?

What wheels would you like to see on our website? What about Magic 8 Ball or Flip a coin? Email me and I will make them for you.